High-quality early childhood education programs like those at Joyful Noise Child Development Centers in Portland, Ore., are correlated with benefits like increased readiness for kindergarten, higher high school graduation rates, higher home ownership and lower participation in crime. Castles and Bears Inc was founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing stability to Joyful Noise children and families experiencing financial hardship. Thank you for your support!

Donate to Joyful Noise through Castles & Bears PayPal Giving Fund. You do not need a PayPal account to donate.

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Joyful Noise CDC, Inc.

Why give to Joyful Noise Child Development Centers?

Based upon the findings of the landmark Perry Scope Preschool Study,

“For every dollar invested in early care and education, studies show the return to society is more than $16.”

High quality early childcare programs for young children contribute to their intellectual and social development in childhood and their school success, economic performance, and reduced commission of crime in adulthood. Additionally, quality early childcare has been linked to outcomes that:

  • raise high school graduation rates and test scores
  • lead to higher incomes
  • lower crime rates
  • contribute to reduced need for mental health treatment
  • make better citizens of each child and help us make a greater and better society

How does your donation help?

Provides financial resources beyond parent fees
By raising money from private and public sources they break the direct connection between what parents can pay and the quality of care their child will receive.

Tuition Assistance
High quality centers must be accessible to all families.

“The promise of extraordinary human and financial return should motivate all of us – scientists, policymakers and citizens – to keep striving to provide preschool programs of high quality to all young children living in poverty. To do any less is to short change the next generation and in doing so, to shortchange ourselves.”

– Lawerence J. Schweinhart

Improves quality of the centers
Quality care hinges on one of the most important factors: the quality of the staff. Higher salaries attract and retain higher educated staff. Tuition alone can not adequately offset the need for higher compensation. If at year’s end there are unused monies from the Tuition Assistance program, money is donated back to the staff of Joyful Noise centers towards an annual bonus.


There are three ways to ensure that 100% of your contribution will go to staff wages, education and tuition assistance:

  1. Donate now through our secure Pay Pal account
  2. Federal Employees can designate contributions through the annual Combined Federal Campaign each Fall. We are listed under JOYFUL NOISE CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTERS: CFC # 75795. Pledge forms are available through your agency or at www.yourcfc.org.
  3. Individuals can donate through United Way. You must name JOYFUL NOISE CHILD DEVELOPMENTS CENTERS specifically.
  4. Individuals can donate via the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. Simply type in “Joyful Noise” after signing into your Fred Meyer Rewards account.