Our Day

Daily Routine… Our program promotes the emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of each child, and is based on the philosophy that each child is a unique individual with a variety of interests, needs and abilities.

Through daily activities, each child will learn her self-worth, while also learning the importance of others and respecting their rights. Using their program goals as the framework to develop the curriculum, and the needs of the individual child as the focus of the curriculum, each teacher is responsible for writing and implementation of lesson plans to guide their daily activities. The plans include:

  • A balance of child initiated and teacher directed activities
  • A variety of activities that motivate children to explore and learn through play
  • A regular balance of sensory activities, art, science, music, large motor, math readiness, field trips, cooking, group activities, dramatic play, small motor, language development and multicultural activities/discussions
  • Circle time discussions/activities as well as playground and outdoor experiences
  • Indoor and outdoor physical environments designed to promote involvement in the daily activities and easy, constructive interactions among adults and children
  • The daily schedule also allows for naps and rest periods, meals and snacks

Health and Safety

Our program acts to prevent illness and accidents, is prepared to deal with emergencies should they occur, and also educates children concerning safe and healthy practices. The program is licensed. Health records are complete and available for each child. Every effort on our part is made to ensure that the building and equipment are maintained in safe, clean condition and in good repair. Children are supervised by adults at all times according to the certification guidelines set forth by the Employment Department of the State of Oregon and are released only to authorized persons. All medical problems and accidents are recorded and reported. Suspected incidents of child abuse are reported to appropriate local agencies. Written emergency procedures are posted and staff and parents are familiar with these procedures.

Oregon law requires schools and children’s facilities to make available the immunization and exemption rates for each vaccine. Rates for each Joyful Noise center are shown below. Click on images to view larger.

Please CLICK HERE for more information on the Oregon Immunization Law. If you have questions about immunizations, please contact your center director.

Nutrition and Food Service

Joyful Noise prepares and provides a healthy lunch and two snacks for all children who are able to eat table food. Children are encouraged to serve and feed themselves as much as possible. Meals are served family style, creating additional opportunities for the children’s social and language development. Teachers sit with children and join them in the meal and conversation. Parents are welcome! Children with special dietary needs will be accommodated.

Outdoor Play

Each day the children are given opportunity to play or walk outdoors, weather permitting. The fresh air and the movement is something that each child needs daily for general well-being and healthy development. The younger children ride in buggies and/or strollers. Teachers keep the walk within a short distance from the center. Ratios are maintained. We carefully plan each excursion to be a rewarding and relaxing time for both the children and staff.